Different Sterling Silver Cleaning Methods

Sterling silver is one of the most popular metals used for jewelry. It’s value, style, and durability makes it a “go-to” for many fashionistas. Sterling Silver is created when copper is added to silver resulting in a much more durable and stronger metal than silver on its own. Although much stronger and durable than pure silver, sterling silver is much more prone to tarnishing. When moisture comes in contact with sterling silver, it causes the silver to appear dirty, discolored, and tarnished. There are a variety of silver cleaning methods to prevent this. We are here to help give your silver jewelry a fresh new look with our 3 different sterling silver cleaning methods.



The best way to prevent tarnishing is to keep your sterling silver dry. Avoid wearing it in the shower or swimming pool. Cleaning it with a small or large polishing cloth before storing it away into a dry location can prevent an item from tarnishing right away. This is because a polishing cloth removes oxidation from silver keeping it clean and moisture free. A good rule of thumb is "last on, first off" - It should be the last piece to put on and the first thing to remove and wipe when you store away and organize your jewelry.



Jewelry cleaning solutions are a convenient, ready to use, silver cleaning method that helps remove oils, dirt, sweat, cosmetics from sterling silver jewelry. Silver cleaners are formulated to be non-abrasive and offer the appropriate ratio of solution to clean your silver without damaging them with harsh chemicals, scrubbing, or brushing.



Silver cleaning pre-moistened wipes are a convenient silver cleaning method that offers a quick alternative to cleaning your silver jewelry. Silver wipes are pretreated with a gentle and effective formula to clean and restore luster and shine. A 2-in-1! Combining cloth and cleaning solution for an easy, convenient, and beneficial silver cleaning method all in one.


Keep in mind, It is much easier to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing than it is to have it removed once it occurs. Sterling Silver requires non-abrasive routine cleaning and maintenance because it tends to tarnish so easily. Our 3 different sterling silver cleaning methods offer safe, fast, and effective ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry brilliant and beautiful.

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