Different Types Of Earrings To Wear

When it comes to earrings, every woman has her own preference, from classic pearl studs to large hoops. One thing they all have in common is that they consider earrings to be an essential accessory for their wardrobe and therefore most women will have a wide range of earrings to match different outfits and occasions. It is important to know that certain earrings will suit you better depending on the shape of your face and the length of your neck. The style, pattern, material, and design should be taken into consideration when choosing different types of earrings to wear for certain occasions such as formal wear, day wear, evening wear, and special occasions.


The construction of earrings also plays an important part in which styles are suitable for you. For example, if you have pierced ears you will have a much larger variety to choose from whereas unpierced ears are limited to clip-on. There was a time when only two styles of earrings were available, clip-on and studs for pierced ears. Nowadays there are numerous styles available including ear cuffs, chains, and wire hooks for dangling earrings.


  • Different Types of Earring Fasteners


There are many different types of fasteners, backings, clasps, and closures for earrings. Some of these include Kidney wires, French clips, Hinged hoops, Screw fastenings, Butterfly fastenings, French hoops, and Lever-backs.


  • Stud Earrings



Studs are the most versatile type of earrings suitable for pierced ears. From a single pearl or solitaire diamond to crystal and precious stones, the variety is endless. Wear the traditional one earring on each ear or ring the changes with two or three on one ear and only one on the other. Depending on your personal style you can pierce your ears to your heart’s content and adorn them with wonderful stud earrings.


  • Hoop



Hoop earrings come in a range of different styles including circular, horseshoe, and circular barbells. If you love gold or silver, hoop earrings area great way to show it. Or bring on the dazzle with rhinestone hoops or chandelier hoop earrings.


  • Drop Earrings



Drop earrings are elegant and stylish and look fabulous on women with long slender necks. The longer your neck the longer you can wear your drop earrings. Drop pearl or diamond earrings look spectacular and are great to offset the classic little black dress. They come alive with every movement of your head as they swing and catch the light. Modern drop earrings come in all kinds of designs and different materials.


  • Ear Cuffs



Ear cuffs are easy to wear in a variety of metals from gold to silver and platinum. For the ultimate fashion statement cuffs are your go-to destination. Ear cuffs and crawlers can be stacked or worn individually. Ear cuffs combined with ear pins make your ears a canvass for artful decoration. Adorned with diamonds, pearls, cubic zirconia, Crystals and gems, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to ear cuffs that make your ears sparkle and shine. Choose from double ear cuffs, criss-cross, fake cartilage, and vine cuff styles.

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