Special Occasion Jewelry

Luxyin Handmade jewelry is special. The pieces of jewelry that a woman has in her jewelry box tell the story of her life so far and that of her family. What does yours say about you?


Maybe you have a rose gold locket from your Grandma with tiny photos of her children that she wore for fifty years and passed down to your mother and then you. Or perhaps the tiny gold bracelets that were baby gifts to your children are bring back fond memories of a time when those now six foot boys were newborns nestled in your arms.


Very often the first fine jewelry that a young woman receives is her birthstone ring perhaps as a traditional Sweet 16 gift. Or for Quincenera, fifteen year old Hispanic girls receive a small diamond ring from their parents. Either way, the next ring she receives may be a Promise Ring, a tiny diamond which announces to the world that she is going steady.



Next come engagement and wedding rings, the hallmarks of marriage. Some women wear one for engagement and complete the set with a wedding band on marriage. Some women choose a single diamond band ring to serve as both.


A popular new way to mark the 10th or 25th anniversaries is the circle band of diamonds to add to the wedding and engagement ring set. This is the classic full diamond eternity ring. To customize this idea, the band may be a mix of diamonds and the birthstone. That certainly is more welcome than the traditional gift of “tin” for a 10th anniversary!



And often these days a new mother can receive a birth gift to celebrate her new baby. This could be a single ring, charm necklace, pretty bracelet or a small ring with the birthstone of the baby in it. Another choice is a thin band with a small diamond or small birthstone that can be joined by the band of the next baby and then next.


And Valentine’s Day is just tailor made for jewelry gifts! The classic style bracelet lasts longer than the bouquet of roses. Anything with a natural stone is a perfect gift idea at this time and works equally well for Christmas too.



Mothers Day is another celebration perfect for giving fine jewelry. Charms that represent girls or boys can be monogrammed with the name and birth date of each child. Engraving processes can also take a photo and etch it onto gold or silver charms to add to a bracelet or necklace.



What is the best occasion to give jewelry? Any time, any day that you want to make an impression or give someone you love a lasting memory of you. Trust me, Luxyin jewelry makes every occasion special.

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