The Meaning & Benefit of Laughing Buddha - LUXYIN

The Meaning & Benefit of Laughing Buddha

Meaning of Buddha

One who has achieved a state of perfect spiritual enlightenment, thereby attaining nirvana.

It has the power to uplift your spirits and affect others.

When it comes to spreading happiness, nothing does it better than the Laughing Buddha!

Green Jade Buddha Pendant Chain Necklace - LUXYIN

Buddha Features
Laughing Buddha pendant. Bringer of happiness in feng shui!
Made of jadestone. Holds soothing energy to clear negative emotions!
Feng shui enhancer. Said to attract luck, good health, and prosperity!

Green Jade Buddha Necklace, Healing Energy Pendant- LUXYIN

LUXYIN Laughing Buddha Necklace for You

Aside from promoting happiness, this green necklace is also used to enhance feng shui energy!

It is believed to attract luck, good health, and prosperity when you wear the pendant!

If you need uplifting while activating feng shui, get this Jade Laughing Buddha Necklace today!

Aligning your intentions: Speak daily affirmations such as “I attract happiness” to align with the necklace’s energy.

Jade Buddha Necklace, Natural Green Jade Pendant Chain - LUXYIN

Benefits of Buddha
A jade Laughing Buddha necklace is worn to promote happiness.

In feng shui, the Laughing Buddha is one of the ultimate symbols of happiness.

Many would carry his image to dissolve their worries, problems, and sadness. The Buddha of Happiness is also said to clear negative energy in the environment.

But what makes this Buddha pendant more effective is the jadestone it is made of!

In crystal healing, jade is known for its soothing energy.

Wearing Luxyin jade pendant is believed to calm the heart and mind if you’re suffering from emotional distress.

Together with the Laughing Buddha symbol, this jade pendant is a powerful companion to uplift your spirit!

Featuring the Buddha of Happiness, our Healing Buddha Necklace is designed to bring smiles to those who wear it.

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