Ways to Drop Hints for the Jewelry You Want for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. The season of giving brings excitement for those with a holiday wish-list. Too shy to ask upfront for that extravagant jewelry piece you’ve been eyeing? Here are 5 ways to drop hints for the jewelry you want for the holidays:


  1. Make an Online Wish List

For people who keep an online journal, dropping hints for the jewelry that they want for the holidays is easy. Let your love ones know specifics of the product or brand of your interest through a blog post, an online journal, or online wish list. From the latest Iphone 7 to that diamond ring from Jareds, you can post all about it there. 

  1. Tweet About It

If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, why not use it to your advantage to drop hints to your loved ones about the jewelry you want for the holidays. Retweet the jewelry piece to let your followers know exactly which brand, material, and color you want.


  1. Share a Post on Facebook

Facebook is another way to let your loved ones know the gift that you want to receive. Indirectly tell them what jewelry you want for the holidays by sharing a photo of it or an article with the item you want in it. Most people don't go a day without checking their Facebook, it’ll be easier for them to know what you want through Facebook!


  1. Upload a Photo on Instagram

Instagram is another great social media application that you can use to faintly drop hints to the people who want to get you something for the holidays. Instagram is the best way to let your followers (especially your family and friends) know what you really want to receive this holiday season. Go ahead and upload that photo of the jewelry you want for the holidays. #hashtag it!


  1. Spill the Beans

 If you speak to your family and friends often and you are comfortable and confident mentioning the gift during conversations, go for it. Casually dropping it in conservation in a subtly way like " I hope Santa gives me a silver bracelet for Christmas this year" is a polite way to hint for that gift you really want.


The holidays are just around the corner. Now, don't forget to say your "thank you's" and show your gratitude when you do receive that special gift you've asked for.

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