Big News

Big News!

Firstly, apologize for the inconvenience to you all.

Due to the impact of the lasting COVID-19 , the production cycle of some products has become longer than before, and there have been frequent shortages, which resulted in the failure to ship orders out normally. At the same time, affected by some express delivery policies, many parcels were returned to us and could not be delivered to customers as before.

We sincerely apologize for causing you into trouble. We are trying our best to solve the problems and move forward asap.  Now the shipping has gradually recovered, and our orders will be shipped normally. For orders that cannot be processed in time, please contact customer service and we promise that we return you a full refund. It might take some time to proceed the whole process. But we will try to solve it for you all asap.

We really appreciate your support, and again, sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

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