How do I buy prescription glasses from LUXYIN

Looking to order prescription glasses online? Luxyin makes it easy. All you need is your most recent lens prescription from your optometrist.

This article can guide LUXYIN customers through how to buy prescription eyeglasses online.

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Step 1

  • If you need prescription lenses, click "Select Lenses and Purchase".

Step 2

  • Select your prescription type

Step 3

  • Select the method of uploading prescription

Step 4

  • Enter your prescription information or upload your prescription and click "next"

Step 5

  • Confirm Your Prescription and click "confirm"

Step 6

  • Choose your lens type

Step 7

  • Choose your lens And click "Next"

Step 8

  • Review Your Order & Click "add to cart"

Step 9
  • Click proceed to checkout


  • Don't forget to use coupons or discount codes. (If there it is)
  • Enter your contact information and click "Continue to Shipping"

Step 11

  • Choose your preferred payment method to complete the payment, so that the order is complete, you will receive the ordered glasses soon.
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