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Anxiety Bead Ring

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This is an anti-depression ring. It has a good anti-depressant function. When you are bored or at a loss, the beads can scroll up on the ring, make you feel relaxed, will not be at a loss.

  • Size: Bead:0.2x0.2cm
  • Material: Steel Stainless

 This ring has adjustable size, fit for most women, flexible and convenient to adjust. 

This beautiful and stylish rings provides a way to manage anxiety and stress in a discreet way. The beads orbit around and rotate fully on the entire band, just move the beads to help you stay calm and relaxed.

Type: Stress Relief Series < Ring

Tag: Snowflake | Rotate

Rotating Windmill Open Ring

This is also a adjustable open ring, turning bad luck and bringing good luck. Wear the most beautiful blessings with this rotating cubic zirconia open Anti-anxiey Ring

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