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Natural Agate Ring Open Size with Red Stone

Natural Agate Ring Open Size with Red Stone

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Red Agate can have a huge impact on your auric field. The stone is constantly touching the skin, ensuring that its energy flows into your body unencumbered. Luxyin Natural Agate Ring Open Size with Red Stone is perfect for worry stones that you can wear and be aware of its meaning at all times!


  • Material: S925 Silver, Natural South Red Agate
  • Stone Size: 1.25x1.25cm
  • Style: Adjustable Open Size
  • Weight: 3.9g

Meaning of Red Agate
The fire-red color represents the flames of passion in life. Red Agate can help you keep that fire burning, ensuring that dark energy doesn’t dim your shine or stop you from living your purpose.

Healing Benefits
Red Agate is said to know no bounds when it comes to healing properties and benefits! Instead of just getting rid of bad memories, Red Agate helps you blast right through them! It encourages you to face them head-on, allowing you to choose to let them go. With Red Agate by your side, you can break down those barriers and live life to the fullest.

Gift Idea
Classic look, original design, elegant and chic earrings suitable for any season. Perfect gift idea for wife, mother, girlfriend, lover on birthday, anniversary, Christmas, mother's day, Valentines' day, thanksgiving day etc.

Type: Rings

Tag: Jade | Crystal | Agate Zircon

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