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Pure Love Black Pearl Drop Earrings

Pure Love Black Pearl Drop Earrings

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Meaning of Pearl: Pearls are an ancient symbol of both love and wisdom.  Pearls are a beautiful way to show your everlasting love to a partner who wants something more classic and unique than a diamond.

Healing Benefits: Natural pearls are the only gem material formed and found within a living creature. Unlike diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more, pearls require no cutting or polishing before use and are simply stunning the way they naturally form. Pearls have a special fascination for those who see the world in a spiritual way.

The Powers Of Pearls: Pearls can be used in a similar way to crystals and minerals for healing and metaphysical purposes. The gems of the sea are believed to offer protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Moreover, pearls speak of the wearer's purity and integrity.

Material: Solid S925 Sterling Silver, Natural Pearl
Color: Black
Size: Pearl: 0.9*0.9cm; Length: 2.4cm
Weight: About 3.5g

It will become stunning in the sunshine with unique texture and color for each single one.Solid S925 Sterling Silver craft will show you graceful beauty and elegance from each detail.It's easy to update your daily chic look here. Perfect for your accessory collection.Let LUYXYIN Jewelry witness your daily beauty from now on. Hold on to it for incoming days.

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