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Vintage Wood Jewelry Box Organizer With Glass On Top

Vintage Wood Jewelry Box Organizer With Glass On Top

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Get the Right Jewelry Easily:

With this jewelry organizer with glass lid, you can store the accessories you often wear under the glass lid for easy access. 

Durable Outside, Soft Inside: 

With engineered wood, quality synthetic leather, and soft velvet lining, your precious gems and pearls will be well cared for here before their next show

High Quality Copper Handle ,A Bit Of Shine: 

The tasteful brushed handle also adds a bit of shine to your vanity while allowing you to open the box with a single hand

A Gift To Remember

This jewelry organizer will make any holiday or birthday a memorable one; fill it with new jewelry as a cute surprise or let it stand on its own

High Quality Wood

Made of rustic quality wood, sturdy and durable to stand heavy jewelry cosmetics. 

No More Hiding

Fed up with playing hide-and-seek with your jewelry? Try this glass-top jewelry box! House your favorite jewels under the glass lid so you can always find them at a glance

Soft Material To Protect Your Jewelry

Anti Falling Design


Usually takes 7-12 days
No, it’s not removable
No, the wood is paint it you would have to fine sand every surface.
4 or 5 regular size necklaces
Yes, it has a velvetish lining.
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